Data Systems in Mozambique

Mozambique includes a limited quantity of data system availability over large areas and also the transmission of these services remains very reasonable. As with most developing nations, using cell phones far surpasses landline phones because of a number of factors. This depends upon where you stand in the united states because the rural areas are considerably less developed compared to urban ones.


Landline transmission in Mozambique is extremely low, by having an believed 88,000 lines being used by 2011. Having a serious insufficient competition and infrastructure, Mozambique is dependent on only one company supplying for those landline telephone services. Telecomunicacoes p Mocambique (TDM) may be the former condition backed telephony provider, that has since be a llc by 2002. Supplying pre and publish-compensated telephone solutions in addition to internet connectivity, TDM holds a complete monopoly on all landline communication systems.

Country calling code:  258

Worldwide calling prefix: 00258

Cell phone coverage

Mozambique presently has limited coverage for cell phones however provides for GSM (Global System for Mobile Coverage) and 3rd generation coverage. More recent phones will have the ability to work in the united states but remember that poor signal in a few areas means that you simply effectively don’t have any coverage.

Mozambique presently has 3 service companies, using the latest one entering the marketplace this year. The companies are:

Mcel (majority possessed by TDM)

Vodacom (subsidiary of Vodafone)

Movitel (the latest operator on the market)

Many of these companies offer a variety of services including access to the internet, that is generally much more reliable than landline internet.

You will find only two types of cell phone packages available when it comes to different payment options. They are:

Prepaid. This requires loading your phone with credit by buying credit vouchers

Postpaid (evidence of earnings and employment needed to obtain this type of contract).


Some good strides happen to be made recently when it comes to supplying faster and much more reliable internet, that has been accomplished with the establishment of underwater cables connecting the nation with other parts around the globe. Regrettably this kind of access to the internet continues to be limited when it comes to prices and availability meaning that it’s just the more affluent people who get access to it. This really is borne out because an believed 613,000 people had internet access by 2009. Thinking about the populace of the nation, this is extremely low transmission rate.

Online Sites Companies

With your low transmission of internet in the united states, the amount of online sites companies is naturally around the low side. At the moment TDM makes up about the majority of the online sites provision, however a lot of customers utilize their cell phones for access to the internet. Remarkably enough, Mozambique was the very first country around the region to provide a wi-fi service. The amount of internet hosts is believed around about 89,000 by 2012, making the amount of computer systems available another restricting element in the number of individuals have access to the internet.

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